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Friday, July 21, 2000

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Tribes 2 Staff Scare
12:14 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a update to his .plan file yesterday, Rick Overman noted that he was leaving Dynamix to form a new gaming company. Mark Frohnmayer and Tim Gift are also joining Overman to form GarageGames, a company looking to publish games over the Internet. Here's what Overman had to say:

It's true, after almost nine years at Dynamix I am
hitting the road July 21st with a few comrades and
starting up a new company called GarageGames. I have
thoroughly enjoyed the projects and the talented people
I have had a chance to work with at Dynamix but I am
especially looking forward to the new and unique
opportunities GarageGames will provide.
This leaves the state of Tribes 2 in question, with three major programmers leaving the company just as it reaches alpha. A post from Dave Georgeson in the TribalWar forums explains that this won't negatively affect the game. Their departure has been known for some time within the company, apparently:
This has been planned for. No worries.

Rick, Tim and Mark are starting a company called Garage Games after they leave Dynamix.

Rick and Tim have their last day tomorrow.

Mark won't be leaving until after "Tribes 2" ships.

All of them are leaving gracefully, happily, and all their code is being completed before they depart.

Also, we have MANY very, very good programmers on staff and, although we'll miss them, they certainly aren't crippling the game.

Anxious Tribes 2 fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that they will still see the game before the year is out.

For those wondering what Tribes 2 is all about, a new interview at 3dActionPlanet with Dave Georgeson (obviously done before he left Dynamix) discusses many aspects of the game in detail. Here's a quick excerpt:

Stressing team cooperation to complete several types of missions through the use of high-tech weaponry, Tribes I quickly had a huge following of tight-knit gamers--many of which you can still catch playing on Tribes servers today.

The upcoming Tribes II will showcase a whole new world for gamers to sink their combat boots into (with environmental features like quicksand, lava, and water, this will surely be no problem). In short, Tribes II will take the team multiplayer experience to an all new level through a superb combination of code, graphics, and gameplay.

Check out the rest of the interview, as it also contains several new screenshots of Tribes 2 in action. Dynamix is hoping to have this shooter completed this Fall for both Mac and PC.

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