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Friday, July 21, 2000

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Diablo II Issues
11:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

While everyone and their mother has written in saying that they now have their copies of Diablo II in hand, there seem to be a few people having problems getting it to run correctly. Several posts to Usenet noted that the Blizzard support page sheds some light on these problems. Most specifically, ATI cards in the Blue and White (and some G4) machines seem to not like the special effects in the game. Keep in mind that hardware 3D acceleration is not required to play, though a 3D card will help make the spells and other effects look more impressive. Here's a clip from Blizzard expaining more:

Why don't I see RAVE or OpenGL support on my Blue and White G3?

The PCI card included in the Blue and White G3 models and some low end G4 models requires a driver update. ATI is working on a driver update for these cards. At the current time the only graphics mode you will be able to use is the Software graphics mode.

The support page also has help for those having problems with multi-button mice or wanting to help speed the game up a bit. If you do have a copy of Diablo II, be sure to grab the 1.02 patch already available, as it fixes a number of other issues.

And for those wondering, it does look like the Macintosh version of the game actually contains hybrid Mac/PC CDs, even though the outside of the box only indicates a Mac version. This is standard practice for Blizzard, as this has been done this with previous titles. UPDATE: Only the MACINTOSH boxed version is said to have hybrid PC files. Do NOT buy the PC version expecting it to have the Mac files.

Download Diablo II 1.02 Patch (3.7MB)
Blizzard Diablo II Support Page
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Diablo II
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