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Monday, October 1, 2001
Meggs Talks Macs for Myth III
10:27 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Andrew Meggs, programmer for MumboJumbo's upcoming prequel Myth III: The Wolf Age, has updated his .plan recently with his feelings on the just-released update to OS X 10.1. Like many other early-adopters who found the new operating system unsuitable for everyday use (he notes his Mac was previously just used as a CD player), it now sounds like 10.1 might have arrived just in time. Here's a clip:

I installed MacOS 10.1 today. It is, in fact, everything promised. I'd been neglecting our MacOS builds in the hope that Apple would put out a version of X that wasn't painful to use by the time we had to put together a Mac version of Myth 3. With 10.1 and a copy of CodeWarrior 7, it looks like they just barely made it.
So it sounds like Meggs will make good on the promise to get a Mac OS (and OS X) version ready in time for a Myth III release later this month. The game should be published in a near-simultaneous fashion by MacSoft sometime in October.

Myth III Web Site
Andrew Meggs .plan

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Archives  News  Meggs Talks Macs for Myth III