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Friday, September 28, 2001
Quake III: Gold Edition Specs
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Activision has released details about the upcoming release Quake III: Gold Edition, a combo pack of the original Quake 3 Arena plus the Team Arena expansion.

The system specs for this expansion are exactly the same as previous versions, which is no surprise -- however it is nice to see that Mac specs are listed as well. As you might remember, some time ago the Mac OS version of Q3A went "out of print" (though you have always been able to buy the PC version and use the downloadable Mac OS or OS X application). Now it seems Activision is going to put yet another Mac product on the shelves, a nice endorsement of our platform.

Follow the link to check out the specs, and we will bring you more information on this bundle/expansion as it is revealed.

Quake III: Gold Edition System Specs

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