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Friday, September 28, 2001
IMG Reviews Mac Fun Pack 2
11:26 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

IMG recognizes the fact that not all of you have hours per day to dedicate to a time-sink such as Baldur's Gate II or the cutting-edge hardware to blaze your way through Deus Ex. When you have to spend a great deal of time upgrading and tweaking your system just to get in a few minutes of play, it seems at times as if the industry has forgotten the entire purpose of video gaming -- the enjoyment of no-commitment entertainment that should be fun, not a struggle. To this end MacSoft has released another combo pack of games, this time with a recreational theme. The Mac Fun Pack 2 is comprised of all sorts of virtual leisure pursuits, from eight-ball to solitaire. Here's an excerpt from the review:

The surprise treat of the Mac Fun Pack 2, America’s Greatest Solitaire is a solitaire player’s solitaire (yes, manly solitaire, if there is such a thing), something that became addictive within minutes.

America’s Greatest Solitaire represents a typical solitaire program that has thought out what someone who plays solitaire on a computer might want and wrapped itself around these cravings. The game, which incorporates impressive graphics and sound, is unusual in the sense that it handles the minor headaches facing a solitaire player. Scoring is handled automatically, the program sorting out the cards from the first moment the hand is dealt, putting aces up on top and handling routine plays on its own. This kind of self-sorting is a bit strange to watch, as this is what makes up half of solitaire itself, but is fun in that it makes the player focus on the few major decisions that have to be made throughout the game.

Read on for capsule reviews of all four games included in this $20 bundle.

Review: Mac Fun Pack 2

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