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Thursday, September 27, 2001

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Civilization III Pre-Order Bonus Video Available
11:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blue's News has noted the recent posting of a video at the Civilization Fanatics Center. Fans who pre-ordered Civilization III at Best Buy received a CD that contained a special "making of Civ III" video, which was converted into Divx format by Cybershy and kindly posted for all to download and view.

If you weren't excited about Sid Meier's upcoming turn-based empire-building title before, this video is sure to spark the interest of more than a few gamers, as well as make already-salivating strategy fans rabid for more Civ III stuff. One of the cooler aspects of Civ III is the new Culture aspect of gameplay. Besides winning overall points for the player, a strong Culture can not only inspire neighboring empires to imitate your advancements, but can also overwhelm even the toughest militaries. Johnson notes that even if an army manages to sack a city, if the culture is strong enough, they won't be able to convince the people to change their ways. Not only that, but if the culture is really strong, the would-be conquerors might find themselves getting swallowed up by the culture they sought to conquer.

Other gameplay aspects include an interface that has been stripped down to the basics so that it will not confuse players and bog the game down unnecessarily. There's also a new "line of sight" feature that will affect map views for units. For example, a unit standing atop a mountain will be able to see much farther than a unit in the flatlands.

For audiophiles concerned about the sounds and music of Civ III, there will be plenty of features there as well. Sound effects are being timed to sync perfectly with on-screen happenings. Footstep sounds are timed to the animations of units. Swords and axes clang and swish as military units hack at each other. Tons of various musical tracks are also promised for the final build.

For those that enjoy negotiations, a whole new challenge awaits in Civ III. The facial expressions of various leaders are very well-animated and will change depending on how negotiations go, allowing players to read the thoughts and feelings of their peers. However, players must also beware, because those leaders can also hide or fake their true feelings, thus making the game of diplomacy a tricky one. Players will also have to throw out any preconceived notions about the historical caricatures used in the game. Abe Lincoln may have been an honest man in real life, but his Civ III incarnation could quickly turn into a two-faced liar if steered in that direction.

Another cool aspect of the game is the ability of a player's governors to learn the patterns of their leader. Build enough libraries rather than barracks, and even the most military-minded governor will start to suggest fountains instead of fortresses.

Perhaps the most glowing (and frightening) endorsement about Civ III comes from its programmers. Usually the first ones to become jaded about the title they're working on, programmers who have been working as much as a year on Civ III find themselves getting more and more intrigued rather than bored of it. One programmer notes that "Even after a year working on Civ III, I know this game. But I'm still getting sucked in. You're ruining my life!" They further warn: "If you buy this game, don't plan on doing anything for the next 6 months. Don't plan on helping around the house, don't plan on getting ahead at work." The Civ III development team fully expects to be receiving letters and emails that say "You've ruined my life!" once this game hits the market.

Westlake Interactive is currently handling the Mac version of this title. It's currently still listed as being in "Early Development," and IMG will be sure to keep readers informed as to its progress. In the meantime, for those that can manage a 35 MB download and run Divx movies, be sure to give the video a look as it's well worth the trouble.

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