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Thursday, September 27, 2001

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Interview with Max Payne Level Designer
10:15 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Finnish gaming web site Spelplayset recently interviewed Aki Määttä of Remedy Entertainment, a level and texture designer for the smash FPS hit Max Payne, and posted their results in Finnish and English versions for readers to enjoy. The interview goes a bit off the beaten path from standard game-related Q&As and gives a different perspective regarding Max Payne, particularly in regards to various comparisons and criticisms.

One criticism (as with most FPS titles) is that Max Payne is too violent a game. Määttä is quick to note that Max Payne is not "all_that_violent," and that it contains no more violence than the average action movie. He points to other titles like Soldier of Fortune, where there's plenty of gore and dismemberment, as being much more violent.

Määttä also addresses consumer criticism regarding Max Payne's long development time:

Sure, players always want games as soon as possible and to be as long as possible, without realising how much effort must be put into developing the game in order to achieve those goals. And also in our case, a lot of time was put into developing the technology behind Max Payne. Also from a developers standpoint it's nicer to make shorter projects - in a four-year-one the focus gets sometimes lost and people lose motivation.
Another good point Määttä makes is one regarding the lack of multiplayer in Max Payne. Though there's been plenty of buzz regarding the topic, he points out that "In a world of Counter-Strike there doesn't seem to be much room for any other highly successful multiplayer games." He cites excellent titles like Deus Ex and No One Lives Forever as examples of this. Both are excellent single-player titles, but most people tinkered with the multiplayer modes for a bit and then just went back to Counter-Strike and what-not (i.e. made specifically for multiplayer titles) after a while.

The rest of the interview covers Määttä's views on the notable achievements of Max Payne, its various graphics requirements, and decisions behind Max Payne's design philosophy. For those interested in the whole read, be sure to check it out at Spelplayset.

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