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Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Myth III Decal Details
9:40 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A short tutorial posted by fansite Myth Village offers details on making your own "decals" for the upcoming RTS title Myth III: The Wolf Age. Decals are 2D image bitmaps than can literally be "slapped on" 3D surfaces in the highly modified version of the Myth engine being used to power this prequel. This will allow players a certain level of customization in the game, by allowing you to have all of your units sport your individual logo or insignia. There are three very nice screen shots which offer an example of how this will work. Here's a clip from the page with more:

It has long been rumored that Myth III will allow players to create their own decals to place on their units. The screenshots above shot that in action. The method for creating an icon is quite simple, and should open up a lot of options to the community....

The icon is in 24-bit color, the mask is 256 greys. This allows for highly detailed transparencies. In a lot of ways it's like creating an icon for MacOS X. It should be noted that while you can put as much detail into the icon as you want, when zoomed out it can get quite small. So like the eye above, it is highly detailed, but the general design is simplistic.

Head over now to check out the decals, as well as pick up a sample Photoshop file if you want to start making your own today. Myth III is currently in late beta and expected out next month.

Myth III Decals at Myth Village

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