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Friday, September 21, 2001
Mac Links LS 2002 to Include Course Designer
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Peter Tamte of Destineer and Bold has just announced that the Mac OS version of Links LS 2002 due to ship this fall will include the course designer -- a rare event among Mac game releases. Here are the details:

Destineer's Macintosh label, Bold, announces today that
it will include the Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD) when it ships the
Macintosh version of Microsoft's Links golf game this fall. This will be the
first Links product for the Macintosh to include a course designer.

The APCD provides users with the power and versatility to accurately create
courses in a powerful, real-time 3D system. Players can tweak every inch of
fairway with the APCD, and create tunnels and arches with full control over
each point on the course. Over 300 fan courses created with the APCD are
available free of charge online.

The Links series is the best-selling series of golf games ever created for
personal computers. In addition to the course designer, this new version of
Links for the Macintosh will include a major upgrade to the graphics and
physics engine, a host of new courses, new golf personalities and more.

Obviously this is excellent news for fans of real-world (or digital) golf. Mac users always appreciate and take advantage of the ability to contribute to a game's extended playability, and we're sure you'll cook up some amazing courses once this game has been released.

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