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Friday, September 21, 2001
MacGamez Publishes "Sizzling Preview"
10:23 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

MacGamez has decided to close out the Summer with their Sizzling Preview, a collection of eight capsule reviews of upcoming games for the Mac OS. Ranging from games just around the corner (Red Faction) to titles due in 2002 (Neverwinter Nights) these short summaries are intended to provide an overview of what is to come. Here's an excerpt about Shadowbane:

Imagine getting online and double-clicking your way to a gaming server. As you connect, you think over your plans to lay siege to the town of Sanctum, the only remaining city that stands between you and an unbroken empire, an empire that reaches from dark, lavish caverns to a great ocean, and is populated by some 1,500 live players. Once your conquest of the surrounding land is complete, your horizons broaden further: there are a couple of warring kingdoms on the adjacent world-server, and you could easily overcome them both if you can just manage to establish a steady flow of soldiers into the world.

The project we just described is WolfPack's Shadowbane, an ambitious Arcane-powered MMORPG that promises to be one of the biggest and most elaborate games of the year, in any genre.

Other titles previewed include Age of Empires II, Max Payne, Civilization III and Halo.

"Sizzling Eight" Preview at MacGamez

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Archives  News  MacGamez Publishes "Sizzling Preview"