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Friday, September 21, 2001
Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test B5 Appears
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Late yesterday evening the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test version for Mac OS X was quietly update to version B5. There is no note listing what has changed in this version, but we're sure Graeme Devine is continuing to tune the performance of this release and fix crashes based on user feedback.

Several readers have noted that as with Quake III Arena, those with lots of RAM may be able to increase the stability of the game by increasing the "com_hunkmegs" variable. To do this, open the console and type:

/com_hunkmegs 128

128 is the amount of RAM reserved for the game to function; if you have even more RAM you can try increasing this amount, but be sure to leave room for your System heap and OpenGL (30-40 MB). In any case, grab this latest beta and post your feedback and tips in our forums.

Wolf MP Test at MGF

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Archives  News  Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test B5 Appears