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Wednesday, September 19, 2001
More Details on Shadowbane Beta 3
10:21 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Shadowbane Warcry, a fansite devoted to news and details on the upcoming MMORPG Shadowbane, has recently posted new information regarding the anticipated Beta 3 release of this title. One of the primary reasons beta 3 is so anticipated is that this version may be the beta that will lift the Non-Disclosure Agreement, allowing beta-testers to divulge information on their experiences with previous betas; it is also hoped that more Mac OS testers will be included in the beta pool.

In the meantime, there are literally thousands of fans queued up and waiting for the chance to become beta testers. Todd Coleman of Wolfpack Studios notes that they have yet to sort the list properly. Concerning the opening of beta 3, Coleman notes that new testers will gradually be added, rather than letting everyone in at once:

If we tried to simply dump all of the phase 3 testers into the server at once, something would collapse -- bandwidth, support, server load, bug tracking, or just bugs in the server code itself. In all likelihood Ubi and Swing will probably start with a smaller number and add new accounts over time (though we'll try to accommodate people as quickly as possible.)

The exact timing is, as I said, going to have to be determined jointly with Ubi and Swing. A lot of these areas -- bandwidth, support, distribution, communication -- now fall under their jurisdiction.

Ubi Soft is the current North American publisher, and Swing Enter@inment is the current European publisher. The official release of Shadowbane is currently set at the first half of 2002, for both Mac and PC.

Shadowbane Official Site
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Wolfpack Studios

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