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Wednesday, September 19, 2001
New Myth III Images
9:28 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Fansite MythWolfAge has posted eight new screen shots from Myth III: The Wolf Age, the prequel in development by MumboJumbo. This strategy/RTS title will be instantly familiar to fans of the Myth series, but as is quite obvious from these large, detailed images the visual quality of the title has been remarkably enhanced. The site notes that one of the images shows a battle with 116 units on the screen at the same time, quashing the worries of some gamers that the new polygon-based units in the game would make such battles impossible due to memory constraints.

Perhaps the most interesting screen shot of all, however, is the second from the top. It reveals the action from an entirely new camera angle that was impossible in the previous versions of the Myth series, in which your camera angle was fixed at a certain angle relative to the ground. The image is most likely from an in-engine cut scene, another innovation Mumbo Jumbo has added to the title. It also reveals that the game models are not tiny ten-polygon stubs but are indeed detailed enough to hold up to close scrutiny.

Myth III: The Wolf Age is nearing completion and is set for an October release for Mac and PC. MacSoft will be the publisher for this strategy/RTS. For more information visit the official web site.

Myth III: The Wolf Age
Exclusive Myth III: The Wolf Age Images at MythWolfAge

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