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Tuesday, September 18, 2001
Green Berets Updated to v1.1
9:09 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Although this title doesn't seem to have caught the fancy of many Mac or PC users, Take Two Interactive has announced the release of a patch for Green Berets. This tactical warfare game based on the Myth II engine simulates the jungle combat of Asia in the Vietnam War era. This patch not only fixes several bugs that made it past beta testing, it also "balances" certain units to improve the fun and fairness of online play. Here are the details:

This is an update to v1.0 of Green Berets by Take Two Interactive. This patch fixes a few minor bugs and makes changes to the Unit balance in gameplay to enhance the fun factor in Multiplayer. Some are noticeable and some aren't, but its all good.
The patch page also lists instructions for a manual install of the files, in case the patch utility fails to work. Grab the patch from the links below, or visit the Green Berets web site to find out more about this title. In related news, the patch page suggests that an expansion/plug-in for the game known as Carnage Islands should be available by the end of this month; whether this will be free to download or a boxed product is not specified.

Green Berets Web Site
Green Berets 1.1 Patch Page

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