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Monday, September 17, 2001
Developer Update on WingNuts
2:21 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

One of the "sleeper" hits IMG spotted at this year's Macworld Expo New York was WingNuts, an OpenGL-based top/down shooter in the same style as arcade classic Time Pilot. While the game is due this November and may be nearing Beta stage, not much is known about this game besides a single small screen shot on the Freeverse Software web site.

Today we bring you a description of the game in its current state, from the author. This is a summary of features, gameplay and story line as it currently exists:

Wingnuts is...

Carbonized for OS X

supports various game controllers and joysticks

requires a G3 with Mac OS 8.6 or later (Carbon lib 1.4)

needs 30 Megs of hard drive Space.

Uses OpenGL for cool 3D effects in a classic top-down game.

Has a groovy time period(s) specific soundtrack (or will have soon, its
being written now :-)

Features 30 levels of action with dozens of different aircraft from
Bi-planes to Blimps, and from F-16's to weird aircraft of the future.
Wingnuts also has various boats and ground installations.

Weapons include bombs, missiles, machine guns and power-ups include
super-spinner, super-wave and so many more. (There can be up to 30 different
gun configurations).

Boss Planes await you at the end of each level.

Wingnuts is being programmed by Mark Andersson, author of Burning Monkey
Puzzle Lab. Additional artwork by our own Steven Tze, and co-produced by
Freeverse's Gareth Anderson.

Story Synopsis, (I'm pretty much winging this so to speak, as we're still
assembling the pieces).

Evil Baron Von Schtopwatch has created a time-warp machine and is stealing
planes for his air force in the Bermuda Triangle. Its easier to go back in
time than forward, so he starts by collecting older planes. Your job is to
stop him before he's able to perfect his machine and steal planes from the
future, blowing you, and everyone else, out of the sky.

Wingnuts will be available this Fall at a suggested price of US$24.95.

We're very excited to see this title in action, as reactions from the Expo (which was quite some time ago in the game's development) were very positive. If you haven't tried Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, we highly recommend you grab it while waiting for more details on WingNuts -- the Zen mode has personally saved my sanity more than once. Visit the Freeverse site for more details and their many product demos.

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab 1.6.1 (14.7 MB)
Freeverse Software
MWNY: Freeverse Reveals WingNuts

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