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Monday, September 17, 2001
Wolfenstein MPTest Released for PC, OS X Pending
10:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Over the weekend id Software and Nerve released the PC version of their multiplayer test for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. While we reported Friday on a .plan update from Graeme Devine about an OS X version, there is still no build released yet. We urge Mac fans to practice patience, as there can often be delays getting the final code (even GameSpot was mirroring an older, incompatible version of the test for a while). According to Graeme Devine, he has yet to receive the latest data from Nerve Software (the company which created the multiplayer aspect of the title) to package with the OS X MPTest. Here is Graeme's latest .plan update:

Mac stuff.

The OS X dedicated server and client //should// be done today, there was a bunch of changes to the general codebase before the test went out, and it seemed wiser to allow that hubbub to settle down a bit.

When id does release the installer for the Mac version, you might want to be aware that this game is much more than the standard deathmatch. The multiplayer in Return to Castle Wolfenstein is much like the popular Team Fortress games, with many character "classes" and unique abilities requiring good teamwork. The one map included re-creates the incredible opening scene of the D-Day beach storming from Saving Private Ryan. Players on the Allied side must run up the dangerous beach and infiltrate the enemy's bunker, while the Axis powers must do their best to defend. There are two preview/guides available now to give you a better idea of how the game is played.

GameSpy has posted a good overview of the game and its classes One of the most distinct changes from normal "deathmatch" is the fact the dead players won't reappear immediately:

One of the unconventional things about the game is the spawn system. It occupies the middle ground between "respawn immediately" and "staying dead until the next round." When you die, you go into "limbo mode" and wait. Each map has a countdown to reinforcement waves, and when that countdown ends, you respawn. The countdown can be different for each map, and can even be different for each team on a given map. The beachhead map in the test, for example, has Allies respawn more frequently to compensate for the Axis team's more defensible position.
This slight penalty makes sure you take care of yourself, while not punishing you for the whole round. For a much more detailed look at how to play the test effectively, head over to fan site Achtung, Wolfenstein!. They have a complete guide posted with weapon, class and map strategies.

IMG News: Return to Castle Wolfenstein MPTest for Mac OS X
RtCW Preview at GameSpy
RtCW Guide at Achtung, Wolfenstein!
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