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Thursday, September 13, 2001

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Interview with Spider-Man Creator
10:03 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

HomeLAN has posted a brief but interesting interview with Jason Maynard of LTI Gray Matter regarding the just-gold PC port of Spider-Man, a game which is making an incredible tour of platforms from PS1 to (eventually) Mac OS. It was just revealed last week that the secret "Stanley" project was indeed Spider-Man (Stan Lee, get it?) which will be published by Aspyr Media, so this interview will help Mac gamers become familiar with the title.

The game will feature all the classic villains from the comic book series, including Venom, Rhino and of course The Green Goblin. A combination of action and adventure, Spider-Man seeks to simulate a truly heroic experience, as you step into the wall-crawling shoes of the wily web-spinner:

HomeLAN - What is Spider-Man able to do in the game in terms of powers and abilities?

Jason Maynard - Web-swinging and zip-lines (shooting a web straight up and using it like a pully to reach distant platforms) are important skills to master for navigation through the city roof-tops and ventilation systems inside of buildings. In terms of combat, Spider-Man has punching and kicking combos along with an arsenal of webbing attacks that include impact webs (balls of web that do a lot of damage to their target), yanking or entangling enemies, web fists (spiked gloves that make Spideys punches more powerful) and a web dome which can shield Spidey from some enemy attacks and unleash an impact ring when broken.

Read on for more details on this game, which is currently available for PS1, Dreamcast and Gameboy Advance. There is no set release date for the Mac version, which is still in Early Development.

Aspyr Media
Spider-Man Web Site
Interview with Jason Maynard on Spider-Man

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