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Monday, September 10, 2001
Tim Wood Talks Mac Giants
10:47 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview with Omni Group's Tim Wood has been posted at PlanetMoon Central, a fan site devoted to Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Tim answers a number of questions about his work on the Mac port of Giants, which will only be available for OS X. Topics covered in the Q&A include difficulties porting the game's graphics code to OpenGL, possibilities of a bundling deal (since its the first A-list title to be released for OS X only), and the performance issues which become apparent with such a graphically intensive game. Tim also extols the benefits of developing a game under OS X:

With OSX just above the horizon where do you see the Mac gaming market going?

I foresee more games getting ported to the Mac since the cost of development will be going down. It takes quite a bit less time to port games to OS X since the system doesn't crash every time you encounter some byte-swapping problem that ends up trashing memory.

This and other features of OS X will help increase the profit margins of publishers and will help bring games to the Mac market more quickly. This means that publishers will have more resources to port more games. Hopefully this, along with really mean SMP hardware, will lead to more people to doing their gaming on the Mac.

As Tim has noted in past talks with IMG, Giants will be greatly enhanced by a multiprocessor machine. Giants is currently expected out in mid-October from MacPlay, so stay tuned as it nears store shelves.

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