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Thursday, September 6, 2001
New FUEL Images, Info
11:03 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

One of the more exciting discoveries of the Summer for Mac gamers was FUEL, formerly known as Everglade Rush. This racing game, which was conceived as a way to showcase the new pixel and vertex shader effects of the GeForce 3 card, has recently been retooled to include action/adventure elements as well as a third-person view in which you can actually leave your vehicle and grab a new (and hopefully faster) mode of transportation in mid-race. Most importantly for Mac gamers, the title is being simultaneously developed for Mac OS X by a team quite friendly to the Mac platform.

VoodooExtreme has just posted a gallery of recent screen shots from FUEL, showcasing the new "driver" models and the third-person point of view. While these are images of a game still in the "alpha" stage of development, you can clearly see the high polygon counts and amazing texture effects that a GeForce 3-class card can accomplish in realtime. These effects should be transparently portable to the ATI Radeon 8500 as well, as the engine is built upon OpenGL.

Our last update on the Mac version was on August 27th, when team member Nathan d'Obrenan mentioned that he was "knee deep" in the Mac OS X port of FUEL and a gorgeous screen saver known as Ectosaver. While a finished product may be quite some time from release, it is certainly good to know that Mac users have another racing title to look forward to in the future, and a gorgeous one to boot. Jump to the VE screen shot gallery to see the eye candy for yourself.

New FUEL Screen Shots at VoodooExtreme
FUEL Dev Update, Mac Status

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