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Wednesday, September 5, 2001
Developer's View of ECTS, iDevGames Seeks Support
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Two items of interest have appeared at Mac developer resource iDevGames. The first is a report from a game developer who attended ECTS, which by all accounts we have read so far was a dismal, lackluster show with little new information beyond the Blizzard launch of World of Warcraft. The report, from Aaron Fothergill of Strange Flavour, seems to echo these sentiments:

just got back from ECTS in Docklands, London. I suspect it will be the last one they do. None of the major games companies hardware or software was there, they've moved it to what I can only describe as a tube station over in Docklands and there was very very little worthwhile content on display. Mostly it was very bad PC games (the sort that most of us can write as shareware games in a few months time), cheap peripherals (none of which I hadn't already seen in the computer fairs in London) and bankrupt stock/stuff. There was some slightly interesting titles from a couple of Korean companies, but even their releases were mostly dull PC games.
Perhaps Blizzard chose this show to launch their title so they would be certain that no other game launch could steal their thunder! In any case to read more of Aaron's thoughts and the reflections of others on this year's ECTS, jump to the forum thread via the link below.

In related news, iDevGames has launched a new line of "Coolwear" -- T-shirts, hats, bags, mugs and mousepads with various logos related to Mac game development and pro-Mac slogans. Here are the details:

Do you like iDevGames and Mac game development? Now is your chance to help support the community we are building and to also show the world your game platform of choice. The iDevGames store was created to generate revenue which we can use to upgrade our server. The ultimate goal of iDevGames is to serve the site from a fast Macintosh machine with storage capability to handle all our source code, game assets and future content. However, a dedicated sever and high-bandwidth require considerable investments. We are exploring alternative methods to help grow the site such as Paypal and other donation systems. In the meantime, please visit the store and click on Coolwear to see our selection of shirts, bags and other merchandise.
Be sure and stop by iDevGames to check out their site and merchandise.

Aaron Fothergill's Report on the ECTS Expo
iDevGames Online Store

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