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Monday, September 3, 2001

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Red Faction PC Progress Update
11:37 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

There is one rubric of Mac game publishing that can't be ignored -- you can't finish the Mac OS port of a game before the PC version is complete. Thus any good news about the PC version of Red Faction is also good news for Mac gamers anticipating the release of this shooter. VoodooExtreme has scored an update on the progress of this game from lead programmer Jeff Farris, and it is good news indeed.

According to Farris, they are wrapping up this PC port from PS2, and all seems according to schedule:

We're finally entering the home stretch.  We've spent the last week or so taking care of those little detail items that inevitably come up near the end of a project, such as polishing up the installer, getting the editor ready for release, and getting those last few bugs squared away.  The Todolist is looking mighty short these days, and that familiar end-of-project frantic feeling is back.  The programmers are being extra careful making changes, so we don't inadvertently break something.  The level designers have spent their time coordinating focused playtesting sessions on all of their levels, gathering feedback and making their final tweaks.  The past few days have also been great fun -- we've been doing plenty of playtesting and a spirited rivalry has developed between the QA team and the development team.
According to our discussions with GraphSim, the Mac version of Red Faction is gaining ground rapidly and has improved tenfold over the first-playable seen at Macworld New York in mid-July. We'll be bringing you more Mac-specific information on the game in the near future.

Red Faction Progress Report at VoodooExtreme
Red Faction

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