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Sunday, September 2, 2001
GameSpot Previews World of Warcraft
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It must be nice to be a huge, multiplatform site and score monster exclusives over everyone else, just because you can. GameSpot has flexed their muscle and posted a preview of World of Warcraft, the just-announced MMORPG in the works by Blizzard Entertainment.

The seven-page preview is quite in-depth, and reveals the differences and similarities between Blizzard's upcoming game and existing titles such as EverQuest, Ultima Online and Shadowbane. It seems clear from their description that Blizzard intends to avoid many of the design mistakes that have made other games tedious or repetitive, but we shall see how they fare in untested territory.

Here's a sample:

...and it will feature familiar personalities, including the orcs, the humans, and many others from the Warcraft games.

The concept behind World of Warcraft will be familiar to you if you know of games such as Ultima Online, EverQuest, Asheron's Call, and Anarchy Online--all of which are often referred to as massively multiplayer online role-playing games. These games allow for thousands of human players to coexist in a single gameworld, exclusively available over the Internet. It's still an exciting concept, even though Ultima Online, the first major game in this genre, was released back in 1997. The concept is made all the more exciting when applied to the Warcraft setting--one of the richest settings ever made for a computer game.

World of Warcraft will let you create a persistent character who will live, learn, and fight in the land of Azeroth. You'll have plenty of options even at the outset--namely, Blizzard has already announced three playable races (of an indeterminate total number) that will be featured in the game. These include both male and female versions of the stalwart humans; the fierce orcs; and the massive taurens, a bull-like race that will first be seen in the forthcoming Warcraft III. These characters look extremely impressive already, as does the rest of the game, if only from a visual standpoint, thanks to the game's striking visual design.

For more details, read the rest of the preview; the screen shots and movies are the same as the ones on the official WoW site. Be sure to chuckle over their estimate that the game will be due in Christmas of 2002.

World of Warcraft Preview at GameSpot

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