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Friday, August 31, 2001
Garage Games - Call Closed for Mac Testers
9:50 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

IMG readers may recall an earlier article where we noted Garage Games' call for beta-testers of the Mac version of the V12 engine. The call was answered, so much so that Jeff Tunnell was forced to officially close the call for testers. Here's the official statement:

Due to overwhelming interest, we had to close the call for Mac V12 Beta testers. The number of highly qualified developers that have Mac interest was amazing. Thank you for the response.
Though some hopefuls may be disappointed that the call for testers is closed, take heart in the fact that this is very good news. It's always great when the Mac gaming community shows such a strong active stance; anyone who's done beta testing knows it's no picnic.

In other Garage Games news, Rick Overman has updated his .plan file with the news that Open AL, Creative Labs' proprietary audio format, is now being integrated into the V12 engine. He also notes that a final copy of the V12 Engine Overview text will soon be integrated into their Doxygen docs.

Garage Games continues to make steady progress on the V12 engine development. Hopefully, we'll start to see the fruits of their labor as games (or RPGs, or benchmarking tools -- the possibilities are wide open) utilizing the engine are released.

Garage Games - Mac Beta Call Closed
Garage Games - Plan for Rick Overman

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