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Friday, August 31, 2001

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Mac Update on World War II Online
9:21 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As August comes to a close, IMG recently contacted publisher Strategy First to see how the Mac version of their massively multiplayer war sim World War II Online is progressing. While the game was originally scheduled for a near-simultaneous release back in June, major problems with the PC version caused delays for the Mac. It's hard to release for a second platform in good faith when you know the game it still not living up to its potential (and especially for Mac users, who consistently demand a high level of quality from their software).

After most of the client and server issues are resolved and other promised features are completed, Cornered Rat Software plans to move the game from its current state of free-floating battles to an all-out war. This was the original intention of the "Blitzkrieg" release, and Strategy First now tells us this is when the Mac version will be launched as well. Here's the scoop from Kelly Ekins:

All I can say for now is that the Mac version of WWIIOL will not be released until all the problems plaguing the PC version are resolved and integrated into the Mac version. Our goal is to launch the Mac version with the commencement of the "War."
So while the previous August deadline is now "history," at least you can be assured when World War II Online is released, it will be as they originally intended. It's also good to hear that Mac development hasn't ceased during all of the turmoil, and the publisher does still plan to release it when the game is ready. For all the information you would need about this online sim, see our extensive list of past articles.

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