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Friday, August 24, 2001
Counter-Strike vs. Urban Terror
10:43 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

TheMacMind has recently posted an article that compares two popular mods for two quite popular games: Counter-Strike, which is a mod for the PC-only title Half-Life, and Urban Terror, which modifies Quake III Arena. Both games share a commonality in that they try to introduce a little realism into the world of FPS titles, though they both take different approaches in doing so. The article may prove an interesting read for those of you still suffering from Half-Life envy and wondering how you might replicate that experience on your Mac.

Counter-Strike, one of the most popular mods of all time, features two opposing sides: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. Its gameplay types include Hostage Rescue, Bomb Planting/Defusion, Escape, and Escort/Assassination. Weapons are all taken from real-life weaponry, such as MP5s and Desert Eagles, and generally behave according to real-life physics, including recoil and accuracy. Weapons must also be bought with money earned through gameplay, meaning that a more productive player will have more cash to spend each round. There's also no respawn - once you've been killed, you're dead until the next round starts.

As for its not-so-realistic features, MacMind notes that there's no penalty for taking damage, unlike other reality-based games. People with 1 health can still run just as quickly as those with full health. The strongest negative of all is the fact that this title isn't available for the Mac, due to the fact it is based off the Half-Life engine.

Urban Terror, on the other hand, takes a slightly different tack than Counter-Strike. Possibly because it's based off the Quake III engine, it still leans heavily towards deathmatch-based gameplay, though the weapons, rules, and tactics take a much more realistic slant than the typical Q3 deathmatch. Gameplay types include Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, Team Survivor, Follow the Leader, Capture and Hold, and Capture the Flag. Players can select from a variety of real-life weapons, including the PSG1 and the UMP-45, in which to take on opponents, though limited inventory space restrains the number of items and weapons a player can carry.

Another point where Urban Terror contrasts with Counter-Strike is the fact that damage penalizes players. It is entirely possible to bleed to death unless wounds are patched up with bandages. Speed and stamina restraints are also in place. Take a hit in the legs and your rate of movement suffers. Jump around like a crazed hare and you'll quickly tire yourself out, losing jumping height.

TheMacMind author "Stud Beefpile" sums up his thoughts about each mod in this statement:

Both Counter-Strike and Urban Terror are highly addictive, fun, and add that realistic touch. So which is better? Urban Terror offers a bit more realism than Counter-Strike, however, Counter-Strike isnít available to Macintosh gamers. Both are free downloads, and both are great mods. Personally, I prefer Urban Terror, others agree, others disagree.
On another note, Mac players who yearn for a true Counter-Strike-type game for the Mac should check out the Tactical Ops mod for Unreal Tournament. I myself have played Counter-Strike extensively, and TacOps is a virtual clone of Counter-Strike, albeit with prettier graphics and a ton of new features and improvements.

For the full read of the Counter-Strike vs. Urban Terror comparison, be sure to check it out at TheMacMind. A link has also been provided below to the TacOps site for those interested.

Tactical Ops - Official Site
TheMacMind - Counter-Strike vs. Urban Terror
Urban Terror

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