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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

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MW: Diablo II Sells Out
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As expected, Blizzard's Diablo II is for sale on the expo floor - and as might also have been expected, it is selling up a storm! This port of the million-selling, record-breaking PC RPG is seemingly just as popular on the Mac side.

Our IMG correspondents at the expo report that the booth is totally out of Mac Diablo II, as are several other outlets. The few remaining copies are going very, very fast!

We have also begun to receive reports of Mac Diablo II showing up on store shelves, in Tennessee and Texas so far. The big chains (CompUSA, etc) expect to get their copies by this Friday, according to reports, and's online store lists the game as preorder, so copies are still reaching store shelves.

Once you grab your copy - and we know you will! - make sure you grab the latest patch from to go with it. Please continue to send in reports of where you find this game on shelves - keep scouring the Mac-friendly stores near you!

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Diablo II Preview
Mac Diablo II 1.0.2 Update at MGF
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