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Tuesday, August 21, 2001
Radeon 8500 Demos
9:20 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

For those that wish to see more examples of ATI's recently announced Radeon 8500 graphics card in action, Madonion.com's Gamers HQ has recently posted links to two tech demos.

The first link leads to a zipped mpeg, weighing in at 12.8MB, that features a swimming dolphin. This movie is used to show off the Radeon 8500's Truform technology, which is said to "overcome traditional memory and bandwidth problems to deliver the smoothest and most realistic images ever seen."

The second link leads to a demo of the Radeon 8500's SmartShader technology, which basically deals with modeling the "surface and material qualities" of 3D objects. Available in both a Flash and a downloadable zipped version, this demo shows off both the vertex and pixel shading technology that SmartShader has to offer.

Links to both tech demos as well as to more information from IMG regarding the Radeon 8500 can be found below.

ATI - Truform Demos
IMG - Radeon 8500 Search Results
ATI - SmartShader Demos
Gamers HQ - Radeon 8500 Demos

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