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Monday, August 20, 2001

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Unreal II Developer Interview at the Action Vault
10:29 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Action Vault has posted an extensive article on the upcoming super-sequel Unreal II. Under development by Legend Entertainment and being overseen by the original engine developers Epic, Unreal II will move the Unreal franchise back to its roots. After a flurry of purely-multiplayer titles, developers and publishers are again embracing the single-player genre with immersive story-lines and true character interaction. Don't worry, multiplayer has not been ignored; you can look forward to some interesting developments including an all new game-type. The interview takes place with Unreal II Producer and Designer Mike Verdu. Here is a sample:

The game takes place in the same universe as the original Unreal, but the player takes the role of a new character - a peace officer responsible for patrolling a sector of space in the early stages of colonization. The player character makes his rounds in a small starship called the Atlantis, assisted by a crew of three: Aida, the first officer, Isaak, the ship's engineer, and Ne'Ban, the alien pilot.
There's plenty more background information contained in the article, as well as a look at the new dialogue system. Although based on the orders menu from UT, much more scope has been added allowing more fluid conversations to take place with the characters around you, if you interrupt them too much though they're likely to show you the cold-shoulder!. At the same time this system allows you to give more direct orders to crew-mates and troops when neccesary in a similar way to UT.
Interaction with the crew is probably the most compelling on-board activity. The player will get key story points during briefings and the missions themselves - but there is a lot of the story which is available only if the player goes digging for it. We did this not to hide the story, but to make sure that players who aren't interested in a deep story don't have to wade through a ton of narrative to get to the shootin' - they can return to the ship, get briefed for the next mission, get equipped at the armory, and go back planetside for more combat.
For more infomation on the engine developments, new weapons and how old enemies such as the Skaarj have been enhanced, check out the full interview. Unreal II is scheduled for first quarter 2002 release for PC at which time we can expect to get more information on who may be porting this to the Mac.

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