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Friday, August 17, 2001
Lance Returns
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Developing a shareware MMORPG is a grueling task; the technologies and innovations required by this still-new genre and the complexities of online communities can prove daunting to a developer. That's why we're happy to report that Lance, a title by The Alchemist Guild, has reached a new beta stage and now has a demo capable of network play.

This is the first news and beta since March, but author Ryan Joseph assures us it will not be the last. Here is his update:

After a long period of silence I have something to say. I just released a
new version of Lance to the public for the
first time in many months. If you knew there was a horrid bug corrupting the
clients memory and causing it to crash
every 2 minutes, this is fixed now. I also added a number other features and
improvements. There is still work to be
done but for the first time ever it networks and does not crash. There is a
free demo on the website for all to enjoy.
Visit the web page for more information.
Upon completion, Lance will be published by Fantasoft. For more information and screen shots, visit the web site.

We'd also like to remind fans of this genre that Oberin, a similar but distinct project in community building is also continuing its development, and of course Clan Lord maintains its steady metamorphosis with bi-weekly updates.

Lance Demo Beta 3 (5.3 MB)
Clan Lord
Lance Web Site

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