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Thursday, August 16, 2001
Official Black and White PR, More Feral Details
12:48 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

UK developer Feral Interactive has followed up yesterday's confirmation of the existence of a Mac OS port of Black and White with an official press release and details on their other titles in progress. While there is currently no set release date for the Lionhead "god game," Feral does have a few other titles in the work that are due to ship by the end of this year, including a Formula 1 racing game and a helicopter combat sim -- genres untouched on the Mac platform for 5 or 6 years.

Here are some excerpts from the official Feral PR regarding Mac Black and White:

Today Feral Interactive announced that it will publish Lionhead Studios’ Black & White on the Macintosh platform. In the weeks following it’s release on the Windows platform Black & White has established itself as a gaming phenomenon, an enormous worldwide success – both critical and commercial shipping over 1,000,000 copies.

David Stephen of Feral said: “Black & White is a ground-breaking game for which there is already has a huge enthusiasm among the Macintosh audience. We are thrilled to be bringing it to them.”

Peter Molyneux, the designer of the game and Head of Lionhead Studios said: “For me the Mac is an icon of style and technology within the computer world and so being given the opportunity to see Black & White on this machine is terrific.”

Work on the Macintosh conversion is well underway: it is planned that Black & White will run native on Mac OS X and be available in English, all major European languages and Japanese.

Mac programming house Zonic are leading the port in cooperation with long-time Feral collaborators Elegant Chaos

Black&White boasts a new level of artificial intelligence. Your Creature is almost a living, breathing thing. It learns, remembers and makes connections. Its huge range of abilities and decisions is born of a ground-breakingly powerful and complex AI system.

Black & White is packed full of innovations that will be shown off to full effect on the Mac platform. The game utilises brand-new graphics control systems, and you see the world from any angle, direction or height. It’s fully scalable, has light-sourcing and reflections, and you can even import real weather from the Internet into the world. Nothing like this has ever been seen before.

Those of us that have seen this game run on the PC have to agree this is indeed a unique and fascinating game.

Feral also took the opportunity to provide updates on their many other titles in progress. They are the European publishers for Mac Tropico, and their language-localized version is expected to ship in September. The adorable sim game Sheep is now "gold master" and is also expected to ship to the US by the end of September.

For quite some time we have known that Feral has been working on Mac OS ports of F1 Championship Season, an open-wheel auto racing sim, and Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus KA-52 Hokum, a helicopter combat simulator -- in fact the news of their work on those titles is so old that it's in our static HTML archives. Regardless, Feral has released the excellent news that these titles may very well ship in November of this year, fantastic news indeed for fans of these utterly neglected (on the Mac) genres. As these titles are based on "older" engines we would expect excellent performance on recent and current Mac systems. Enemy Engaged got a very positive review from GameSpot (linked below) and it seems visually attractive as well.

Feral has even more surprises in the works; supposedly they are due to announce a new series of titles on Friday, August 24th. We'll be watching this UK company closely for news on Black and White and their other future titles, so stay tuned.

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