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Thursday, August 16, 2001
Pillars of Garendall Reaches FC2
9:26 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Mac RPG fans have been anticipating the release of Pillars of Garendall all summer long. Not only will this Zelda-style RPG be Ambrosia's biggest release in quite some time, but it will be the proof-of-concept for the Coldstone Engine which powers it, and which may open the door to a potentially limitless number of future RPGs and expansions.

On July 29th, PoG was declared Final Candidate; obviously this is not equivalent to being declared "golden," and yesterday's update to the progress log reveals that they are not quite there yet -- but they are closer than ever. Final Candidate 2 has been released to the testers, and it incorporates new character animation and of course the requisite bug fixes. Here is the full update:

Pillars of Garendall FC2, second final candidate, released.

This new version includes some more OSX bug fixes as well as a couple of minor fixes to the data files. We also finally got the time to put in the new character animations that Dan (our character modeler-animator) did some time ago.

I'm also happy to report that the windows version of PoG has been under intensive testing here during the last two weeks or so and that we aren't experiencing any problems with it except some *very* minor things. There is only one thing actually missing: Quicktime movie support (a matter of time).

Also, all the plugins that will be developed for Pillars of Garendall will work for Macintosh and Windows.

PoG tells the epic tale of a lone warrior sent to rally the troops of allied kingdoms to save his own from being crushed by a siege of monstrous attackers. For more information visit the Progress Log for this game or read our past articles on the subject.

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