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Tuesday, August 14, 2001
On The Death of GodGames
9:27 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

David Laprad, editor at the prolific PC gaming site The Adrenaline Vault, has posted a lengthy editorial memorializing the fallen games publishing company Gathering of Developers. Titled "There But For the Grace of G.O.D.," the editorial takes a close look at the long, troubled history of GoD as well as the possible impact this rogue publishing company's absence will have on the industry in the immediate future.

Here's a sample from the write-up:

Aside from this, what I find most disheartening about the death of the Gathering is how a group of people who three years ago were on fire to change the industry -- people who had no money to get their venture off the ground, but who had enough hardwired drive to get several quality products on retail shelves -- are tossing up their hands and leaving PC gaming behind. True, they’re being forced out by circumstance, but their complete loss of love for this industry says more about the sad state of PC gaming than the shutdown of another publisher. Shamefully wild press junkets aside, what will be missed most is how the Gathering placed the developer on a pedestal, and the passion this brash, independent label brazenly exposed to a jaded industry.
For the full read, be sure to head over to the AVault and check it out.

The AVault - There But For the Grace of G.O.D.

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