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Tuesday, August 14, 2001
IMG Previews the Radeon 8500
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ATI has launched themselves into the arena of high-end, "hardcore" gaming graphics, and the Radeon 8500 is their shot across NVIDIA's bow. With a buzzword-compliant feature set and astounding claims of speed, this chipset will bring both old games and new an unprecedented level of visual quality. IMG has labored long and hard and spoken to ATI firsthand to bring you an in-depth preview of this card, with analysis of the new hardware and what it might mean specifically to Mac gamers. Here is a sample:

One of the most significant events of the past year in gaming hardware was the collapse of onetime market leader 3dfx and subsequent absorption by their rival NVIDIA. With the only other rival for the high-end gaming market seemingly eliminated, NVIDIA seemed set to rule the roost Ė but overall market leader ATI has made a strong push to fill the void left by 3dfx. ATIís Radeon has remained an inexpensive and feature-packed alternative to NVIDIAís cards, and now the next generation of ATI hardware has arrived Ė the 8500. ATIís answer to the GeForce 3, this card promises a superior frame rate and feature set while maintaining the stellar image quality and integrated capabilities of their previous line. With a promised performance increase of 2 to 3 times the original Radeonís speed and a fully buzzword-compliant feature set that embraces all of the pixel and vertex shader features, this is ATIís bold move to claim a space in the high-end gaming market for the first time. And it will ship in four to six weeks.
Read on for a detailed glimpse at ATI's future on the Mac platform.

Preview: Radeon 8500

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Archives  News  IMG Previews the Radeon 8500