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Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Dynamix Close Official, Loki Following?
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Various reports are now confirming that last week's predictions of the death of PC developer Dynamix have come true, as Sierra attempts to consolidate their marketing and development efforts. Efforts are being made to reassure players of Tribes 2 that nothing will change in terms of support, but it does seem to make the chances of any Mac port of this game even more unlikely than previously.

GameSpot is reporting 97 employees were given severance, and the management of Tribes 2 will move to Sierra's offices in Bellevue, Washington. A quick Q&A with Sierra's Alex Rodberg was also posted at TribalWar, attempting to put fans' worries to rest and clear up some information on what happens next.

In other semi-related news, Linux game developer Loki is reportedly filing for bankruptcy. Loki had ported Tribes 2 to Linux, along with a number of other titles, some of which also ran on LinuxPPC. LinuxPorts reports on their financial woes:

Apparently, Loki owes Activision USD 330,000 and Prolix USD 100,000. Here is a graphic of the bankruptcy filing. (14k). Yvonne Desollar of Loki Software stated , "They have no comment at this time" when asked about the bankruptcy proceedings.
While the game isn't technically over for Loki yet, it doesn't look good for their cause. There were hopes they might work with Mac developers on future OS X projects, though any such deals seem unlikely at this point. We wish the best for employees of both companies, and hope they find new emplyment as soon as possible in this downshifting economy.

Loki Bankruptcy Article at LinuxPorts
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