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Monday, August 13, 2001
Mac DS9 Mystery Deepens
3:15 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

While IMG reported over two weeks ago that Mac OS Deep Space Nine: The Fallen had been declared finished and was shipping to retailers, many outlets (including CompuExpert and Amazon.com) have suddenly pushed the date for release of this game back almost an entire month. Those who had preorders scheduled to ship on 8/5 and suddenly found them shifted to 9/10 are understandably perturbed.

IMG contacted Simon and Schuster point man Peter Binazeski for details on this mystery; unfortunately his answer does not explain the extra month-long delay. According to Peter, Mac DS9: The Fallen did indeed ship from Simon and Schuster late last week:

Here’s the story… the Fallen for Mac has already shipped from our warehouse to retailers on August 8. I don’t know why retailers are putting a street date of 9/8…
Frankly, neither do we. If any of you out there have received your copy of DS9 or can find a retailer willing to ship before September, please jump to the forum thread below and report your findings. IMG has received our review copy of the game, so we are absolutely certain the game is complete and is ready to ship; hopefully we will discover the reason that retailers seem to be taking their time about delivering it.

Forum Thread on Mac DS9: The Fallen

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