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Monday, August 13, 2001
More Free Game Authoring Tools Released
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While Mac developers wait for their version of the V12 game engine from GarageGames, Mac developer resource iDevGames has uncovered two new development tools for Mac game authors -- and they are free. One is a cross-platform "hub" which can be used to link game resources and plug-ins to make a game that would cross-compile seamlessly to Mac OS and Windows. The other is an open-source 3D engine being developed with the goal of creating "the most dynamic game engine possible for the Mac platform."

Here is Eric Froemling's description of RiCore:

RiCore is a freeware 'Game Toolkit' targeted at freeware and shareware developers. Though the SDK is currently Mac-oriented, the entire system functions identically under MacOS and Windows. - Write your game once, and run on either platform. RiCore is not implemented as a static or dynamic library - rather, it exists as a small 'Hub' application and many interconnecting plug-ins, each providing its own functionality. A RiCore game could consist of a single 'RGM' container file encapsulating all the game's data and executable files - double clicking that file under either mac or windows will launch the correct version of the game (provided RiCore is installed) RiCore originated as the engine for a game I am currently working on, which I planned to make expandable through MOD plugins, but I realized RiCore had potential for creation of totally unrelated and unique content, so I'm releasing it independently.
Features for the SDK include a built-in sprite animation engine, software rendering engines, full-screen QuickTime movie playback and integration with OpenGL.

iDevGames has also launched Open Pickle Matrix, a project to create a dynamic 3D game engine which can be used for any genre of gaming. Here is a description:

The first beta of the Open Pickle Matrix (OPM) has been posted (Mac OS X required). The Open Pickle Matrix is an attempt to create the most dynamic game engine possible for the Mac platform. By using techniques that allow multiple games to be created by one game engine, authors with little coding experience can easily create great 3D games. OPM hopes to create tools which are simple enough for any artist to use to make fantastic and involving games, all which are unique and not weighted down by similarities. The included game (similar to Space Invaders) is a work in progress (i.e. beta) but provides some indication of what it is capable of.
Even if you have no intention of ever being a game author, the mere existence of these tools is good news for Mac gamers -- after all, it means more independent, original games could be on the way. Visit iDevGames or the two web sites for more details.

Open Pickle Matrix

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