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Tuesday, July 18, 2000
ATI Radeon Interview
8:35 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

PC Insight has scored a great new interview with ATI's technical marketing man, Rene Froeleke. In case you missed it, yesterday we brought you news of the Radeon being bundled in Apple's upcoming line of Power Macs. This new card is exciting for many reasons - while 3dfx/NVIDIA generate a huge anount of debate surrounding the Full Screen Anti-Aliasing vs. sheer power (fillrate) issue, the Radeon seems to have both! Here's a question straight from the Q&A:

High resolution graphics or low-res with FSAA enabled. Which is ATi's preference?

Rene: I think you are asking the wrong person, the customer decides what he/she prefers. FSAA can be achieved by supersampling a given scene, so all you need is rendering power and memory bandwidth. We will support FSAA in our driver, that means we give the customer the choice of both. If you ask me if I would prefer FSAA or high-polygon-count objects with life-like character animation and amazing special effects such as environmental or dot-product 3 bump-mapping, cube environment mapping and extensive lighting, then I think I (and probably the customer) will choose the second of both options. But again, we give the customer the choice of having both, our driver supports FSAA via supersampling as well.

If all that jargon confuses you, take it to mean your games will look good... FSAA has been the feature most talked about recently, because it removes the "jaggies" from edges in games. But the Radeon seems to have many other features besides, which make it rather impressive.

We have yet to see the Mac version of these cards in action, though many PC hardware sites have given it glowing reviews. As our reporters congregate at MacWorld today, they will be sure to track down the latest scoop on these impressive cards.

IMG Report on Radeon's FSAA
IMG Report on ATI at MacWorld
PC Insight ATI Interview

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