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Friday, August 10, 2001
Interview with Wolfpack, Ubi Soft on Shadowbane
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IGNPC has posted an interview with a member of Wolfpack Studios and an Ubi Soft executive concerning the recent news that this international company will publish the MMORPG Shadowbane for North America. Originally planned to be published by Gathering of Developers, Shadowbane drifted for a time without a UK or US publisher, but with the amount of coverage and exposure this game has had from the moment of its announcement it was clear they would find a publisher soon enough. From the tone of the interview, Wolfpack and Ubi Soft seem to be a good match, and Shadowbane fans can rejoice in knowing that this game will indeed find its way to market for both Mac and PC users.

The very in-depth interview covers the gamut of issues about this game, revealing in depth how community and clan building will work, discussing how players can amass wealth and property and outlining many of the ways they plan to avoid the pitfalls that have rendered other online RPGs repetitive or boring. One of the more challenging aspects of the game for both designer and player will be the possibility of actual online warfare between rival clans or kingdoms, in pitched battles involving hundreds of players simultaneously. Here's an excerpt dealing with combat:

IGN: How's combat going to work in the game?

Todd Coleman: Combat exists on two levels . There's auto-combat which means if I'm off getting a sandwich and someone attacks me my guy isn't going to be stupid, he's actually going to respond. You have your typical melee attack and that's pretty simple, you just click on something and it starts to go to town. At the lower levels that's going to be fine. You'll probably be able to go and adventure using nothing but that. At the higher levels where people are going to start to come into contact with other players and powerful monsters, there's an entire power system that allows for not just spells but individual special maneuvers like a whirlwind, bash, or kick attack --things that kick off interesting particle effects that can allow me to add a tactical layer or thinking to my combat. Combat typically will go, at the powers level, in a kind of a six to eight second, almost chess style of gameplay, where I'll make a move and you'll counter with your move. Underneath all that we have the auto-combat going off, so it'll constantly be ticking away keeping things exciting.

IGN: How will huge battles work? Is there a limit to the number of people you can party together, or when you have a huge strategic battle the general will give formation and you abide by it or not?

Todd Coleman: It is a party, and whomever is the leader of the group can call out formations and people will automatically start to march in those formations. Keep in mind though that we don't ever want to take the control away from the player, so if I click to go over to the right and my formation is telling me to go to the left, I'll still go to the right. We always do what the player tells us to do, but it does add an interesting new dynamic to a strategy game that hasn't been seen before because in those strategy games the troops underneath you are simply robots, you tell them go over there, and even if it means certain death they'll go over there. In Shadowbane, you're dealing with actual people, so there's a whole new layer of command that has to deal with personal interaction; something we've never seen before. It should be a pretty interesting thing to watch.

It will be interesting to participate in as well, we have no doubt. Currently Shadowbane is on track for a late 2001/early 2002 release; the game will be simultaneous for Mac and PC, and may even be a hybrid release. If you are interested in even more information, be sure to browse the wealth of articles on the subject in our news database.

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