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Thursday, August 9, 2001
Status Report on Mac Giants
9:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG recently asked Tim Wood of Omni Group for an update on the status of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. In case you haven't heard, Omni has been tapped by MacPlay to make a Mac OS X-only version of the game. We asked Tim about the status of this port, and if they expect it to hit 'beta' soon. Here's some of his response:

I'm fixing up some sound issues and we're going to look at more languages soon. But, yeah, we'd like to be in beta pretty darn soon.
As of late July, Tim and Omni had already made remarkable progress with the game, so we expect them to have it move through testing relatively quickly. For much more information on the title, be sure to read through IMG's interview with Tim conducted after the Macworld announcment. For more information about this unique and fascinating game, we also have a preview with numerous screen shots for you to check out.

IMG Interview with Omni Group's Tim Wood
Preview: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Omni Group
Planet Moon Studios
Omni Group
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Buy Giants: Citizen Kabuto

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