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Thursday, August 9, 2001
Infogrames Releases More Unreal II Info
9:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A recent Infogrames press event has revealed new information on their upcoming sequel Unreal II. Both webzines IGN and GameSpot were there to cover the event, and their two write-ups are now available for your reading pleasure. The demo at the event showed off a gameplay video, as well as detailed information on a few of the game's enemy and NPC models. The weaponry was also discussed, revealing a total of 18 individual pieces of firepower on hand to help you in your missions. While the original Unreal was criticized for its lack of detailed storyline, Legend Entertainment is making sure the sequel won't be. Much effort is going into making the singleplayer experience a fulfilling one. Here's a clip from the IGN report:

The single player game will consist of objective-based missions taking place on a variety of different terrains and environments, including zero-G outer space. Apart from the gratuitous "kill them all" missions, you'll also be involved in more peaceful objectives such as rescuing hostages or defending friendly bases from alien attack. One of the goals in Unreal II is to make it more of a team-based game than the original, so there will be missions where you'll coordinate with friendly Marines to guard certain objectives, whether it be through your own brute force or through the use of stationary support cannons which you can place around some levels.
Check out both reports for complete coverage of this recent event.

While the game is set for release on PC in early 2002, we should mention that no Mac version has yet been announced. However we feel it is a very likely candidate for port, considering both the fact that the Unreal technology is already available on the Mac, and the huge popularity of previous games such as Unreal Tournament.

IGN Unreal II Report
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Archives  News  Infogrames Releases More Unreal II Info