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Thursday, August 9, 2001
New Look at Red Faction's Multiplayer
10:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpot has posted a new preview of Red Faction recently, delving into the multiplayer aspects of the game which will only be found in the PC and Mac versions. Other major changes from the PS2 console version includes the ability to run it at much higher resolutions than a TV (though it of course depends on your machine's horsepower). The article goes into depth on the various multiplayer modes to be included in the title, as well as how your standard conceptions of online play will be changed by the game's Geo-Mod engine. Here's an excerpt that may make campers wary:

It seems that camping is a multiplayer convention of action gaming that Volition wants to do away with, because not only does Red Faction have a number of weapons that can devastate some walls, but it also contains weapons that can actually see through walls. The rocket launcher, for instance, has a side-mounted monitor that displays the outlines of people directly in its line of fire, even if they're behind a solid object or in another room, making it easy to blast your way to them.
The preview gives some good details on the multiplayer action in the game, so be sure to head over and give it a quick read; be sure and check out the large selection of gameplay movies listed in the far right column. Red Faction is due out for the Mac this Fall, with GraphSim shooting for a November release.

Red Faction Multiplayer Preview
Red Faction

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