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Wednesday, August 8, 2001
Harpoon 3 OS X (and DOS?) Update
10:19 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Jesse Spears wrote in with news on his side project Harpoon 3, including
progress he has made with the OS X version and his other work on a port to DOS. Yes, DOS. Harpoon 3 was never released for Windows, so we're sure many fans of the series on
the 'other side' of the gaming fence will be excited about this. While nothing is definite yet about the DOS version, Brian Hook's recent foray into the Mac realm got Spears interested in a DOS version again.

He also notes the OS X build should be available around the same
time as 10.1 becomes available in September. Here's a clip:

A user pointed out that my FAQ was a bit out of date regarding what OS versions H3 supports, so I've updated it.

I also thought I should clarify my plans a bit more: I'm hoping to have a Native OSX version available for people to try out about the time 10.1 ships. Until then, the Classic version will probably run way faster (haven't profiled it yet to start working out the performance problems, but it's _very_ _slow_ right now, where as the Classic version actually seems faster under OSX than it does under 9.1 on the same machine).

Judging from the amount of bugs in the current version, that release will probably be a Beta version (so, anyone downloading it can expect to find bugs, but hopefully nothing too obvious ;-).

Keep in mind that Spear's full-time job is with Westlake Interactive, so Harpoon
3 can only be updated in his 'free' time. We'll keep you posted when anything
new becomes available for download.

Harpoon 3 News Update

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Archives  News  Harpoon 3 OS X (and DOS?) Update