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Friday, August 3, 2001

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Applelinks Reviews TOSC, Space Tripper
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The Mac news site Applelinks isn't just links -- they also generate their own content. Recently they posted two game reviews which offer a little humor and quirkiness in addition to the usual pro/con arguments.

Bill Stiteler's review of Tales of the Sword Coast, an expansion pack for GraphSim's Baldur's Gate, is positive overall but does point out that the expansion is for serious players of the original only. Here's an excerpt:

Tales of the Sword Coast (TSC) truly is an expansion to Baldur's Gate,
adding onto the original game map new areas to discover and explore. And
man, are they a pain. A pain to get into, and a pain to get out of
(alive, anyway). I mean this in the nicest possible way. I find the more
I scream at a game, the more I like it.
Just don't take the keyboard out to the parking lot and drive over it. AppleLinks also posted a review of the $12 shareware game Space Tripper, which is winning many well-deserved accolades for its polish and addictive gameplay. IMG is also working on our own review of the game, but this has faced some delays due to the fact that the reviewer hasn't had time to beat the !@#$% Spider Boss yet.

Drop by Applelinks to read both reviews.

Space Tripper Review at Applelinks
Tales of the Sword Coast Review at Applelinks

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