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Thursday, August 2, 2001
New Parsec Release Due Soon
1:54 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The Parsec web site has been updated with another monthly screen shot and progress report on this "commercial-quality freeware" netplay space shooter. In development since 1997, this 3D shooter has evolved greatly over time; as the latest screen shot reveals, the visuals of the game have taken another leap in quality with a marked increase in texture resolution and polygon detail. The description of the screen shot of the month contains an important hint: it mentions that the "teleporter" shown in the image will be included in a new release of the game which is "due very soon."

IMG spoke with Andreas Varga, longtime Parsec team member and Mac fan. He confirmed that a release is due soon, and it will add many features compared to the existing "LAN test" release including improved mouse control, hi-rez ship textures, new models and more. Here is a list of the new features due in this next release:

  • The new release will feature the new teleporter which is shown in the monthshot of July.
  • We have incorporated a new system to allow easy integration of user-supplied data files.
  • We now display big textured fonts for status messages.
  • A new object camera that can now be attached to any ship is available.
  • Increased the number of possible network players to 8.
  • The new release will also contain our object conversion tool that we use to create object files for spacecraft, power-ups, etc. (including full source code).
    The release of open-source tools may rapidly speed the development of this title. Andreas also let us in on a secret about the next release, but we've agreed to keep it under wraps for now. Keep watching for the new release, or download the old LAN Test from the Parsec web site just for kicks.

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