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Thursday, August 2, 2001
Carmack Talks Vid Tech, Doom Reqs
9:22 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In response to a recent story on story, John Carmack of id Software dropped by to lend his thoughts to the ATI vs Nvidia debate, as well as drop some knowledge concerning the hefty system requirements for running their next-gen game Doom 3. It appears he will be attempting to get the most out of the newest GeForce 3 and ATI offerings (the rumored Radeon 2 which hasn't even been officially unveiled yet). In his first post on the matter, he goes into detail on how his latest game engine will utilize the various features of the new cards, though he is careful not to guess too much about which might perform better.

In his second post, Carmack notes he's shooting for 30 Frames Per Second on a GeForce 3 with Doom 3. While this could make some choke, considering the high cost of such a card now, it's not unusual for id games to greatly push the envelope. And since any game release is still quite far off, many 'hardcore' gamers will be upgrading their systems before then (so don't expect Doom 3 to run on your rev A iMac):

Obviously, any game done with the new Doom engine is going to run slower than a game done with Q3 technology. You can make some of it back up by going to the simpler lighting model and running at a lower resolution, but you just won't be able to hit 60+ fps on a GF2. The low end of our supported platforms will be a GF1 / 64 bit GF2Go / Radeon, and it is expected to chug a bit there, even with everything cut down.

There are several more Q3 engine games in the works that will continue to run great on existing systems, and Doom is still a long ways off in any case, so there will be a lot more upgrades and new systems. We are aiming to have a GF3 run Doom with all features enabled at 30 fps. We expect the high end cards at the time of release to run it at 60+ fps with improved quality. This is an intentionally lower average FPS for the hardware cross section than we targeted for Q3, but still higher than we targeted Q2 and earlier games (before hardware acceleration was prevalent).

This are some very interesting comments from Carmack, so be sure to read both his posts; it is clear that while he is unwilling to play favorites between the two remaining "hardcore" 3D chip makers, he is already looking beyond their present and future offerings.

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