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Wednesday, August 1, 2001
IMG Launches New Forum
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Although we loved our WebBBS-based forum and it was quite popular, it had one handicap -- the larger the thread archive became, the slower and slower the forum ran. Participating in the forums shouldn't be a chore! With this in mind IMG has launched a revised forum based on PHP, a faster-executing type of code which is much more resource-efficient. In addition you might find it more cosmetically attractive as well.

In the future we intend to extend the feature set and capabilities of this forum with our own code, but for now dive right in and join the discussion. Unfortunately the old BBS file format is incompatible with the new forum, so all archived messages have been placed offline. If you asked a question recently, now is the time to ask it again. In addtion to the previous four categories, we have added a place to Buy and Sell your Mac games and hardware, and a place to provide feedback on the IMG web site and content.

The forum should be easy to use for most, but if you want a quick primer on how to use the advanced features be sure and read the FAQ. Note that you can't use HTML in messages, so you might want to read the FAQ section on BBCode for a primer on this simple tag protocol if you want to include links, boldface text and other elements in your posts.

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