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Wednesday, August 1, 2001
New Tropico Scenarios
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Several helpful IMG readers have pointed out that Pop Top has released two new scenarios for the island-empire sim Tropico. [Update -- we have posted Mac-friendly versions of these maps on MacGameFiles; see links below.]

The scenarios Mt. Sucio and Green Island begin with unique and challenging start conditions. Here is the description of Mt. Sucio:

Your island was the Mecca of Carribean tourist resorts. Fame and money flowed your way. Then the volcano erupted and something else flowed your way... MUD! It oozed its way down the side of the volcano and right through the middle of your state-of-the-art tourist facilities. Now there's nothing left. Diversity is the key you think. No longer will you be so dependent on one income. Farming, mining, and production will all be money makers on the island, and yes, the tourists will be back too. Grand plans you have Presidente, but can you achieve them?
If you've got Tropico, be sure and grab these maps -- the Mac OS version is already 1.0.3, so there is no patch necessary to run them. For more details on Tropico, read our hands-on preview.

Green Island Map (132k, Mac format)
Mt Sucio Map (247k, Mac format)
Preview: Tropico

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