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Tuesday, July 31, 2001
IMG Reviews Pong, Diablo II LoD
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In rapid succession we have posted two new game reviews for radically different titles. Yesterday Michael Phillips presented his take on Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the just-released expansion for Blizzard's realtime RPG. Early today we posted a review of Pong, another Atari classic revisited in 3D and ported/published by MacSoft.

Pong is an attempt to extend and expand the simplistic (to say the least!) gameplay of the original, with a software-based 3D engine. Here's an excerpt from the review:

Right off let me say that Pong is not intended for hardcore gamers. It is a family title. That said, Pong has received a major overhaul for this release. "Pong the Next Level" as the packaging says adds far more glitz and gameplay than its predecessor, yet the title remains true to its basic Pong concept: You have a paddle and your opponent has a paddle. You try to hit a ball past your opponent. Whoever makes it to a certain score first, wins. That's the way it works most of the time, anyway. Some levels are variations of the classic pong style, others are "Challenge Levels" that involve your paddle and ball not competing against another person directly, but rather trying to meet certain goals. Without giving too much away -- some of these levels simply have to be played to be believed -- before you are done with the game, you will visit several circuses a couple of ponds and the occasional pinball machine (among other challenges).
Read on for more details on this arcade classic reborn, and be sure to check out the LoD review if you missed it yesterday.

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