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Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Bannister's Blitz
10:24 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Emulator author and porter Richard Bannister has posted a slew of updates to his many fine emulation products. The flood of releases includes both minor fixes and feature improvements for Boycott Advance v0.21, Blitter Library v0.7.0, Boycott v0.6.6, Frodo v4.2.1, Generator v0.2.2, Handy v0.8.2, Jum52 v0.5.4, MO5 v2.1.2, Modeler v0.8.3, Neopocott v0.4.1, O2Em v0.6.6, Oric v1.6.1, RockNES v1.942, SMS Plus v0.9.9, TEO v1.6.1, and TGEmu v0.1.8. Whew!

All of the updated emulators can use Bannister's Blitter Library v0.7.0, so make that your first download. This library (which can now be placed in the Extensions folder, to work with all his emus at once) allows for a huge variety of screen drawing and 2-D rendering modes from simulated arcade cabinet screens to bizarre "broken monitor" modes.

Here is a partial list of changes:

All ports - Revised some code in my generic video layer, used by all my recent ports. Print Screen and Save Screenshot now work properly across the board. Best Fit now works again, and broken auto-frameskip support in some of my ports has been fixed.

* Blitter Library - The interface for my Blitter library has been redesigned. You now only need one copy of the library, which can be placed in the Extensions folder. If you don't want to do this, you can of course keep the library in the individual emulator folder. The filtering options are also far more flexible now. As I've had to update all the emulators using the Blitter Library anyway, I've taken the opportunity to tweak the way the library talks to the individual emulators - for this reason, you will need to update to the latest emulators here to use the updated library.

* Boycott Advance - Sound support (Gameboy Color and DirectSound) has been added to Boycott Advance, as well as improved compatibility and OAM scaling/rotation. Unfortunately it has been necessary to remove the CPU underclocking for these features to work. Various optimizations have helped to reduce the speed hit a bit. Nevertheless, my G4/450MP now gets around 30fps, although that is with full sound. All those wishing to donate me faster Mac hardware please don't hesitate to get in touch :).

* Neopocott - Added support for Freeze and Defrost.

* O2Em - The speed limiter in O2Em is much more accurate now. I've also added support for Freeze and Defrost.

* RockNES - Now in sync with v1.942 for DOS. The bug in v1.930 that caused Battery Backed Games not to save has been fixed, although Freeze games are still a bit hit and miss.
MacGameFiles has all the downloads listed, so you can go directly to the ones you want. Visit Richard's web site for more details on each emulator.

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