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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

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Gorky 17, Knights and Merchants in Beta
9:34 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

We recently received a status update from e.p.i.c. Interactive in which they
note that both Gorky 17 and Knights and Merchants are in beta
testing at long last. The status of Gorky 17, an RPG with strategic elements, has been
unknown for a while, apparently due to unforeseen problems with its development.
But it has entered testing and is expected out in September. Knights and
Merchants is an empire-builder/RTS well into its testing phase now, and should be
available sometime next month. An expansion for the RTS EARTH 2140 is also in development. Here's the full rundown from e.p.i.c.'s Thomas

Cartoon adventure The Feeble Files is now shipping for the Mac. If you want
to find out more about green aliens, the Omnibrain and rebellions please
turn to the projects section of our homepage.

Empire builder Knights and Merchants is now in final beta testing. The game
is running properly with only a few bugsthat need attention. We expect this
game to be ready for release by the end of august. Watch out for the
forthcoming demo version of Knights&Merchants.

RPG/strategy mix Gorky 17 has, after many many frustrating setbacks with
this project, entered beta stages on the Mac. We expect the game to be
finished in September.

The release of Earth 2140 Mission Pack for both Mac and Amiga is scheduled
for late august. The Mission Pack brings over 80 new missions to the
original EARTH 2140 as well as 2 new buildings, 6 completely new units and
one new terrain.

As we mentioned in our previous stories on the just-released Feeble Files, that particular
cartoon adventure should be available at Mac-O-Rama in the near future. Be sure
to check out the e.p.i.c. web site if you're looking for more information on
their many projects.

e.p.i.c. Web Site
Gorky 17

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